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Causes I Support

Supporting the Unwedded Widowed

An unwedded widowed person is one whose significant other died and they were not married. Unwedded widows and widowers face unique challenges in their grief journey. Indeed many people do not see them as widowed, clinging to the current dictionary definition that presupposes marriage. (Fortunately, I discovered this article by Kim Go that helped me claim my identity as a widow.) My aim in supporting other unwedded widowed is to validate their loss and to help them discover that they are not alone.

Connecting and Supporting the Widowed of Any Status

The best thing I did for my grief was to find community with others who had also lost to death the person they believed they'd spend the rest of their lives with. And the best place I found that was Soaring Spirits International, which connects and supports widowed people around the world. Though I joined this "club" in the worst possible way (as we all did), the Soaring Spirits community has brought so much good to my life, especially friendships I will cherish forever. Now I give back by volunteering at SSI's Camp Widow, and for a year, I led one of its Regional Groups, Soaring Spirits Central Ohio.

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